Our Childhood Games: Tumba-Lata, Shatong, Dampa, Sungka etc.

As I was checking papers, I glanced at my nephew beside me. He was busy playing y8.com and he was like that since he came over Saturday morning (I am writing this Sunday afternoon). Since then he was hopping from one gadget to another, my laptop, my sister’s tablet and our cellphones playing Minions Rush, Angry birds, Candy Crush and Plants vs. Zombies or Watching Youtube about the games mentioned above. I could recall that when I was his age, computers were not yet so popular and tablets were still on the verge of invention in the mind of Steve Jobs. So during weekends, I was out of the house running around playing whatever game that thrilled and delighted me and my playmates.

Outdoors, we would play Piko Tae, Bilding/Bending, Shatong, Tumba-Lata, Tigso, Virus (Beerus), Tubig-tubigay (Patintero), Shacker (combination of soccer and baseball), Langit lupa, PS PS I love you, Chinese garter. Whew, I can go on and on.

There were also games that did not require running around and could be played indoors such as Sikop, Humpyang Biyayang, Sungka, Bugno sa Damang, Dampa, Paper Dolls (for girlys) but still gives the same excitement as outdoor games.

When we were in school, games usually consisted of papers and pens. We have the spaceship giyera-giyera, Bitay (Hangman), PANTS, Flames (kilig2x).

As I was writing this down I could also recall how these games were played. I realized that I couldn’t recall some and wondered if these games are still played nowadays. So I searched on the internet and found some on youtube.






We also have these hand-clapping games with singing, Nanay Tatay, Kikimbing, All Partners, Appear Disappear, Cross Down with feelings. Fortunately I still can recall the lyrics of the songs. Waah here goes..

Nanay Tatay:

Nanay, Tatay
Gusto ko tinapay
Gusto ko kape
Lahat ay gusto ko,

Sinong sasali sa larong ito

ang magkamali ay kukurutin ko.

One, One-two, One-two-three…..

Kikimbing ng kikimbing

champorado atsaka mering

(i forgot!! lah lah lah.. something about kabyang)

byang, byang, byang…

All Partners:

All partners, partners

Up down.

Appear Disappear:

Apir, disapir

one-half, one-fourth

one-fourth, one-half

disapir, apir!

Cross down with feelings:

Cross down with feelings without!


Feelings with number one

Down feeling up

Feeling up and Down

Cross down with feelings Without!

PS PS I love you:

Ps Ps I love you

Mahal mo ba si gaby yes or no

(answer either Yes or No) YES!

Spell yes, Y E S

ikaw ang ales.

Now I have a smile on my face feeling nostalgic after recalling this. I guess I have to drag my nephew out of the chair and teach him some of these games. Oh wait hmm, I still have to check these papers err maybe next time.


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