The Other Form of Normal: The Paranormal

He lives in a house that was built around ten years ago on a lot with not-to-be-talked-about history. He himself designed the house with the best aesthetic concept that he could think of during that time. It has three floors, where each floor is placed uniquely to look like two floors on the facade. Feng Shui was not considered in the decision making because they are not Chinese anyway. Feng Shui violations were present like doors fronting each other and stairs fronting the main door. The bottom floor is a partially-underground basement, where half of its height is below the ground. And the other two floors emerge as the living, dining and bedroom areas.


Basement Opening



On the way to the innermost basement.

During the construction period, he could not take away his eyes on the building process, the daily progress and all the technical matters involved. One of the quite odd instances was that he would always come down to the construction site every 6 o’clock in the morning to sit on the third step on the stairway connecting the living area to the bedrooms, not minding the debris. He would sit there for fifteen minutes or so. Then he would go to the basement and look around. After he would do these, he would go back to his grandma’s house and he’d continue to sleep. There was no sign of his mind being unconscious or subconscious for that period of time. Explained later by an albularyo, he was constantly summoned every morning by an unexplained entity. An entity that might be connected to the place’s past. The land where the house was built had a murder history. A man was killed brutally with a bolo by his own neighbor because he sparked suspicion and jealousy. They had no idea of the whereabouts of the killer and what happened after. They know that the justice was not served.

For several months of waiting, the house was completely built and unpainted but still his family decided to live in it. They called a priest to bless the house before they transferred in. On the course of living there, for a couple of years, some things had happened.

His sister and her high school classmates used to play Spirit of the Coin at the basement using their homemade Ouija board. They were joking around of souls’ names whom they wanted to talk to, giving away their own names to make that connection needed for the conversation to start. They said they heard loud bangs and screeches right after. So they ran off and never did it again. Some of the nights when we were asleep, footsteps and weird sounds could be heard from the basement. Some things were awakened. Where? It might be at the basement. There really was something in there.

Later, he experienced the worst kind of disturbance after they lived in the house. He narrated his experience through this piece of writing


            During the night of the second day of school, my body temperature reached to forty-one degrees centigrade. I was aware of my condition at that time yet I told my classmates that I had to finish my last class at eight o’clock in the evening before I would go home. My memories were unclear after that simple recall.

I stayed at the Intensive Care Unit because the doctors found out that I was in the state of comatose when I was brought in to the hospital. No response to stimuli even to the most painful test. Machines were helping me to keep my vital signs normal. But after the pitstop at ICU, I was transferred to a room since I already had recovered a bit except that I could not speak. Tears were just falling and my eyes were staring blankly. Since then, strange events took place. The doctors could not explain the seizures I was experiencing. It would happen every three o’clock and six o’clock in the afternoon, also every time I would see very dark colors.

All of the people in the room were terrified when I trembled uncontrollably. My pupils dilated and it appeared like demon’s eyes. They called a priest to pray over me. And they all prayed at once. Yet I became more aggressive. About eight members of the family held me but they could not keep me at rest. I spoke unfamiliar languages to threaten God and my family. The priest placed the crucifix on my chest but I shouted out loud for about a couple of minutes without a single break of breath. I took the crucifix, turned it upside down and tried to pierce it forcefully through my chest. But they were able to take it back from me. Then they saw scratches on my arms and they proved it was not self-inflicted. A shout with a voice so deep like a demon’s voice was coming out from my mouth. They were convinced that it wasn’t mine. The strange incidents repeated for a week and so. It weakened me physically.

The aunt of a friend of mine was there to help offer me prayers until I restored my awareness. She realized that she was followed by an unexplained force when she got home. She saw a mysterious fairly large insect kept on banging aggressively on the doors and windows of their house. She opened the door and the insect raged to fly off then the room lights blew and dimmed out at the same time. Since then they were careful but it only strengthened their belief in what happened to me.

Father Swamy, an Indian priest who is a known expert in paranormal activities and demonic possessions, paid me a visit and came into my room. He softly tapped me on the shoulder but I felt a huge force from his hand. He observed me for a minute and concluded that there was a transference of evil spirit unto me. It started when I began patronizing horror movies, he added. Father Swamy believed that what happened to me was not a mere and apparent patronizing of the evil but I was unintentionally living with it as if it was part of my daily life. That’s why since then I became vulnerable to evil spirits and they were just around, waiting for me to give in.

Another insight was from another priest. He believed that I possess a traveling spirit. I was in the state of comatose because my spirit wandered for truth. As the spirit went off the physical body, it somehow went to places where there was that chance that I had met other spirits and entities. By the time I got back, I had already something that came with me. He explained that in reality, I was also struggling to find my true self.


doctors could not find any wrong in me physically. They could not present any concrete findings of their study about my state of health. Every test was believed negative, magnetic resonance imaging, CT-scan, etc brain-related exams. We had witnessed an actual clash between paranormal and experimental science. The paranormal expert presented theoretical explanations while the physicians primarily concluded it was a mere psychological illness.

He could not run away from this. His sister was there when this happened and told him everything she had witnessed. There must be something inside the house that contributed to this.

For several years after that incident he thought that he was cursed. He became sickly from time to time. He heard and saw things that others could not hear or see. One time, the daughter of his coworker was playing at the office, she was laughing very loud and out of curiosity he asked why she was laughing. She replied, “She was tickling me” pointed her finger at the corner. A person-like silhouette appeared on the corner. He was horrified and he immediately took her out of the office.

He and his sister also developed an uncontrollable ability to see future events in forms of dreams or visions. Future events would just pop up in their minds like ideas.

On a Sunday, his friend Carl saw him wearing a white shirt looking afar at the third floor window of the building where he worked. Carl saw him waving a hand and so Carl replied by waving his hand too. He texted Carl minutes after and asked where Carl was. Carl told him, “I saw you on the window waving your hand minutes ago.” Carl was surprised to know that he had been staying at the house because he was sick. It then unfolded that in his sleep he dreamed about Carl in his workplace and seen visions of accident involving Carl, which drove him to send a text. But the accident did not happen. It was really strange, and the concept of him having a traveling spirit may be true. His spirit might had done it to warn Carl of something.

From now on, he continues to live his life ordinarily as much as he can. When circumstances give him this sort of challenge, he tries to ignore them, dodge them whenever he can. There is no perfect instrument for measuring the validity of his claims. It so happened that his experiences were not ordinary and have not been experienced by ordinary people.

In every house that we live in, there are two realms that exist, one of which is ours and the other is for the ones that we tend not to be so sensitive about because no amount of scientific explanation can give it a crystal clear justification. The other form of normal has been here for quite some time already, and it is the paranormal realm. People are just not so sensitive about ‘their’ existence and among those people are the ones with that gift that can sense them but chose not to let them distract lives including theirs.

All along I have to admit that “he” is me. I have two pieces of advice: they would not know that you can sense them, so act normal. In your part, you would not know who is what, what is who and who is who, then be very observant.

Nobody can blame the house. But it all started there. For now, what I am absolutely sure of is that we must share this place with them with no fear and with strong faith because in this one common kingdom, our Lord is the reigning King.





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