Teacher-Student Dating: Nothing Wrong or Totally Wrong?

It’s Valentine weekend! To “celebrate” Valentine’s Day in our own way here at EngineersGotBlued, we came up with a very interesting The Voice of the Teachers question:

Teacher-Student Dating: Nothing Wrong or Totally Wrong?

The Voice of the Teachers


AndrewEngr. ANDREW Espera says:

For me, teacher-student dating is totally wrong if the student belongs to the class presently handled by that teacher. No matter how I see it, you can never draw a clear line in between professionalism and emotional attachment if ever that happens. On the other hand, I see nothing wrong with teacher-student dating if the student does not belong under any of that teacher’s classes. As long as they maintain good moral and ethical behavior inside and outside the school premises, then I totally don’t care about it.


Engr. CHITO de Castro says:


More than the concept of teacher-student dating, I think students should not be dating just yet. It’s only now that I understand how dating has become trivial for many people, but it’s actually a very serious life event. Dating is one of the first steps to marriage, and it should not be treated as a hobby or an opportunity to test new waters.

That being said, I don’t agree with teachers dating students. Even if the student is not under the tutelage of the teacher, the student should focus on studies first. Once he / she graduates, that’s the time when dating can enter the picture.


LeahEngr. LEAH de Castro says:

Nothing wrong if teacher and student go to different schools and student is of legal age.
Totally better if teacher would wait for student to graduate before starting a relationship.
Best scenario is when singles enter relationships only when prospect of marriage is already in mind.


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