Duterte for President?

Things are heating up as we near the period for filing of Certificates of Candidacy for the 2016 Philippine Elections. Our very own Davao City Mayor Duterte has consistently made the headlines as one of the top contenders for the highest post of the land. So, our big The Voice of the Teachers question is:

Duterte for President?

The Voice of the Teachers

Engr. LYNITH Datukon says:


If Mayor Rody Duterte will run for president, then I will vote for him as I experienced his leadership firsthand. I witnessed how a city in disorder turned into one of the safest cities in the world. But if he will not run, then good for him because I think national politics will take a toll on his health.



Engr. CHITO De Castro says:

chitoI think Mayor Rodrigo Duterte has outstanding qualities that make him one of the best presidential candidates for the upcoming elections. His iron will in law enforcement and emphasis on order and discIpline are what the Philippines needs at this time. Personally though, I’m still unsure whether he can pull through with other aspects of running the country. So yes, I’m open to Duterte running for the presidency because I don’t want the trapos to win. However, I’m not yet sure if I will vote for him.

Engr. LEAH De Castro says:

leahDuterte’s leadership has proven to be strong and effective in Davao. Still, the peace and progress in Davao cannot and must not be solely credited to one person. Davao is where it is now not only because of the strength of Duterte’s political will, but also because of the humility to submit to authority and the discipline exhibited by Dabawenyos. If he runs, he will probably have my vote. I just hope that the people (especially non-Dabawenyos) clamoring for Duterte to run for President have a full understanding of what they are asking for and what this could mean for them (Kaila mo ug speed limit, no smoking, firecracker ban, liquor ban, etc.?) should he win.

Engr. ANDREW Espera says:

andrewMayor Rodrigo R. Duterte should be the next President of the Philippines because:
1. He has learned to live a simple personal life.
2. He possesses a transparent and firm political will.
3. He exhibits a heart for cultural and social diversity.
4. He has the courage and consistency to impose discipline.
5. He has learned how to provide a sense of security to his people.
I believe that these proven qualities of him could address the long-existing Philippine-branded problems. These obstacles need to be dealt with before Philippines could propel to full economic growth.

Engr. JASON Occidental says:

jasonI am a bit reluctant of the idea of Duterte running for President. Although he has the capability of leading as how he did it with Davao city, there is no assurance that it would be the same when he goes to the national level. He would definitely have a lot of powerful detractors that would go against his goals of disrupting our poor system of governance. Detractors from the national government who still want corruption to flourish, as well as the businesses that practice under the table transactions to allow improper practices on labor and environmental protection. If Duterte decides to run, it would be a daunting task for him and his supporters. Thus, if the Filipinos do believe in changing our political climate, they should be giving active support on leaders who would be working hard for it. I disagree on the statement on social media that Duterte is the only hope of the Philippines; it should him including us, the Filipino people.

Engr. APRIL Salazar says:

aprilI admire Duterte’s strong political will and leadership and I believe he is qualified to be our commander-in-chief.  However, I don’t want him to run for presidency. I don’t want Duterte to be dragged into the dirty national politics.  Yes, he isn’t perfect but being a father to Davao for so many years, he already knows what is best for the city. I want to be selfish and just keep him here where he is appreciated and respected rather than criticized. But come 2016 and he runs for president, I will give him my vote and prayers for wisdom.

Engr. MICHELLE Soledad says:

michelleIf he will run, I will vote for him, because I feel like no one else among the “Presidentiables” deserves the vote that I have given to him all these years as Mayor. He is not at all perfect, but he has done enough good to merit my trust. At the same time, though, I am not sure whether what worked in Davao will work with the rest of the country – and whether I am willing to share my Mayor with the entire Philippines (please my apologies for being possessive)!

Engr. RYU Yamamoto says:

ryuWith his strong political will, I would say that Duterte can be a good President, if not great. Our country is in turmoil now and it is hungry for a leader who would make things better. I believe he can make a change. Davao City would not be one of the safest cities in the world if not for his political will. He has made Davao City one of the best cities in the country as well. So if he runs for the highest position, he could be our next President and expect that there will be a lot of big changes coming.

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