Academic Calendar Shift: Aye or Nay?

Most, if not all, universities in Metro Manila have already shifted their opening of academic calendar year from June to August.  Should Ateneo de Davao University do the same?  Do I hear an aye or a nay?  Here’s what EGB members have to say:

 The Voice of the Teachers

Engr. Chito de Castro says:

     An academic calendar shift will definitely benefit Ateneo and its students. First, the proposed schedule avoids the harsh weather conditions of June and July. Second, this will allow the school to align with the practice of ASEAN member countries, thereby opening Ateneo to international research grants and student exchange programs. Third, and on a more personal note, I like the idea of having a month-long Christmas break!


Engr. Andrew Espera says:

     I believe that it is currently impractical to implement academic calendar shift in Ateneo de Davao University. As I see it, the main purpose of this change is to synchronize the entry and end of the academic year with the universities outside Philippines (in preparation for ASEAN integration). To achieve systematic and coordinated academic activities and student accommodation, there must be a collaborative effort among all the colleges and universities, especially in Mindanao, to come up with a unified decision to put the academic calendar shift into effect.


Engr. Leah de Castro says:

     Aligning our school calendar with international academic calendars would facilitate easier transition for Filipino students who wish to pursue higher degrees in other countries or participate in exchange programs, would help establish more partnerships with other universities, and put some pressure for the school to intensify quality assurance programs to meet or surpass international standards.


Engr. Ken Noblezada says:

The transition from June to August would be a big step-up for AdDU. I may recall that the move set by AdMU and UP was to make realignments for global educational standards. The said setting would instill competencies for graduates in contributing and addressing global concerns. It would really be a great and challenging move from Ateneo, but the question is whether students and faculty would be ready for the said shift or not?


Engr. April Salazar says:

     I believe the academic year shift will be beneficial to many.  Classes will end by December so students and faculty alike can enjoy a stress-free vacation, without worrying for an examination after a long break. More importantly, it will prepare the AdDU community to a seamless adjustment should there be a need to transfer to and from a university abroad or even from Metro Manila universities.  Exchange program schedules and internships to partner universities will be synchronized.


Engr. Lynith Datukon says:

     Top universities have already led the change in their university calendar from June to August. Members of the ASEAN University Network were encouraged to align their academic calendars with other partner ASEAN Universities. This is to increase competencies in an international level and develop the intensity of its engagements to other schools overseas. So should AdDU change its school calendar too? First of all according to, Philippine Universities that are members of AUN includes AdMU, DLSU and UP only so there is no obligation for AdDU for calendar change. Secondly, though AdDU has its own international alignments, it is not as intensive as these top universities. So I think there is not much of a difference if AdDU shifts its academic calendar FOR NOW. The university still focuses more on improving the quality of education and the competencies of its graduates especially with the implementation of K-12.


Engr. Edu Maceren says:

     I don’t see any problem if AdDU would take a step to a new sequence of academic school year (that starts every august). If AdDU will commence its new calendar someday then it is a benefit for the fresh graduates’ students of senior high school to study at any universities abroad. Similarly, it would be a benefit for some foreign students who would consider to enroll in AdDU since most countries start their classes during August and then ends in May. This change will harmonize the academic sequence of all universities worldwide.


Engr. Jason Occidental says:

      I think it is high time for Ateneo de Davao to do a calendar shift in the next school year because there would only be a few students entering college due to the K to 12. This would mean that only a few students are left idle during the shift. Furthermore, schools around the city and other provinces have also done the shift and it would be difficult if the school shifted late.


Engr. Ryutaro Yamamoto says:


Shifting of school calendar from June to August is something that Ateneo de Davao University should work on and think of as the university emerges as one of the top universities in the country.  I’m not saying that AdDU should change its school calendar in the next school year but there is a process and there’s no need to rush.  It would be better if AdDU will observe first how the other universities perform as they shift their school calendars to August.  Then if in the process, if it would be more beneficial for AdDU to shift its school calendar, then there’s the go signal.  After all, changes occur so that the university could provide a better quality education.


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April Salazar, ECE

She is an Electronics Engineer and works as a full-time faculty in Ateneo de Davao University. She is an alumna of the same university she is working with now. Few years back, she worked with a Japanese electronics manufacturing company in Cebu.


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