5 Trending Optical Illusions That Will Blow Your Mind

People engaged in the field of engineering know the importance of perspective and accuracy. So what happens if what you perceive to be true is just a matter of perspective?

The world of optical illusions has dazzled the human mind for centuries, and it has challenged the visual perception of a lot of people. Here are five of the most recent optical illusions that have become viral in social media:

1. Flat 3D Image (or 3D Chalk Drawings)

optical illusion 3d art candlestick

optical illusion 3d art

This self-clashing term looks like three-dimensional graphics but are actually flat or 2D images viewed at a specific angle. This illusion caught on via 3D chalk drawings created on the streets.

2. Ames Room

optical illusion ames room

Designed to look like a regular room, the Ames Room shows a drastic change of perspective to make the scene look cartoonish. The warping effect is caused by putting people (or objects) in this irregularly shaped room.

3. Following Eyes

Creepy yet brilliantly simple, the illusion of following eyes is achieved by making the face concave. As a result, the brain will try to come up with a three-dimensional image.

4. The Dress

optical illusion the dress

This viral-worthy optical illusion was borne out of an innocent inquiry and well-placed lighting. The result is The Dress, which sparked so much debate whether it’s black and blue, or white and gold. The reason for the apparent change in color is the concept of color constancy, which takes into account the lighting of the surrounding area.

5. Circle Illusion

Think you’re seeing dots traveling together in a circular pattern? They’re actually individual dots moving along the bigger circle’s diameters! The movements are perfectly timed in cascading succession to create this illusion.



Check out this video that lists these five mind-boggling visual trickeries, along with five other optical illusions.

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