Should Teachers Receive Gifts from Students?

When I was younger (pre-school and elementary years), I remember most of my classmates gave presents to our teachers from time to time.  Now that I am on the other side of the fence, I ask my fellow EGB educators if “is it okay for teachers to receive gifts from students?”

The Voice of the Teachers


Engr. Edu Maceren says


I don’t see anything wrong if a professor receives a present from his/her students. As long as the gift isn’t something offensive or inappropriate to take (You know what I’m saying).

Engr. April Salazar says

Except for special occasions, I will be more comfortable not to receive gifts from students who are presently under my class.  I just want to avoid getting too close with them so that the professional teacher-student relationship is maintained. After the semester, when they are no longer under my class, pwede ko na silang maging kabarkada.

Engr. Andrew Espera says

For me, to receive extravagant gifts from students is a big NO as a teacher. But it’s fine to receive decent inexpensive gifts from students, as long as these gifts are given out of good intention and not out of self-interest. The teacher must have an inherent sense on knowing the students’ intentions.

Engr. Leah de Castro says

I believe that the best gift a student can give to a teacher is a heartfelt ‘thank you’ that comes with a confirmation that he/she has learned from the teacher. This expression of gratitude may come in the form of a simple note or with a box of chocolates, but I think we’ll have to draw the line with chocolates or something similar in value. Anything more extravagant than that should not be encouraged, if only to make sure no other student feels excluded.

Engr. Ken Noblezada says

I see nothing wrong when students give gifts to their teachers unless there are other intentions/motives behind the act of giving then that’s another story.

Engr. Ryutaro Yamamoto says

There’s nothing wrong about teachers receiving gifts from students as long as it does not influence how the teacher rates the performance of the students.

Engr. Lynith Datukon says

There is a thin line between giving gifts because of appreciation and because of manipulation. A teacher must first know the ethical concerns on receiving gifts. It is okay to receive gifts as long as the teacher is aware that the gift given is just a gesture of kindness and sincere appreciation.

Engr. Chito de Castro says

I personally don’t see anything bad about the generosity of students towards their teachers. However, given that some people may look at it as “pogi points” or even a form of bribery, I will have to refuse the gifts so that nobody will suspect me or the student of any malicious intent.

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April Salazar, ECE

She is an Electronics Engineer and works as a full-time faculty in Ateneo de Davao University. She is an alumna of the same university she is working with now. Few years back, she worked with a Japanese electronics manufacturing company in Cebu.

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