What songs do you listen to when working or studying?

Many researches have shown that music may have an effect on a person who is studying or working. Some of these researches further indicates that certain types of music may have a positive or negative effect depending on the listener. So I asked my fellow EGB authors, “What songs/playlist do you listen to when working or studying and why?”


The Voice of the Teachers


Engr. MICHELLE Soledad says:


NONE. I need absolute silence.


Engr. CHITO de Castro says:


When I was a student, I listened mostly to pop and rock music while studying because it helps to stimulate my thinking process. Fast forward to more than a decade after my college graduation, I couldn’t concentrate on my work unless I’m in the midst of silence or classical music. I’d like to think of it as a matter of preference and not an issue of age!


Engr. APRIL Salazar says:


I actually prefer to study in silence especially if I really want to digest what I am reading. But sometimes, I enjoy listening to inspirational Christian songs and instrumental music (piano/acoustic guitar). Usually, something soulful and soothing so that I will feel relaxed. This is also a good combination for a lazy Sunday afternoon (reading + good music).


Engr. LEAH de Castro says:


I don’t really listen to music when I study. I either watch TV or enjoy the silence.


Engr. EDU Maceren says:


First I prefer to listen an instrumental guitar playlist to prepare myself to study. Then, when I feel a sense of calmness I change my playlist to acoustic cover songs like Boyce Avenue, Bossa (Sitti’s version), etc.. More often than not, studying with music really works to me.


Engr. KEN Noblezada says:


I dont listen to any songs or any playlists in particular when working or studying as it breaks my concentration towards the objective of what i really want to do. I enjoy the beauty of silence for both activities.


Engr. ANDREW Espera says:


Most of the time I study in silence. But next to silence, there are times that I would play classical piano or saxophone instrumental music in my home stereo. This makes me feel calm and ready for some mental digestion.


Engr. LYNITH Datukon says:


When the work doesn’t require me to think or if the work is repetitive like checking papers and some administrative work, I listen to Harry Potter (and sometimes) Twilight audiobooks. The soothing voice of the reader helps me negate the noises around me and helps me focus more on what I have to do. However if I have to prepare and study for a lesson, which includes reading and solving, I have a “study playlist” full of 90s pop/alternative music because I am a 90s kid and sometimes I sing along.


Engr. Ryu Yamamoto says:


I listen to classic instrumental music or Japanese songs whenever I study or work. It makes me feel calm and makes me focused on what I’m doing.

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