Eng-Spiration: 10 Celebrities With Background in Engineering

If you’re an Engineering professional or student, you may be wondering how your chosen field of specialization can help you become famous. Of course, our goal as engineers should be directed to developments and improvements in society, but it doesn’t hurt to gain fame at some point. Nevertheless, in case you don’t succeed in the engineering field, you can always venture into other industries such as entertainment!

Unbeknownst to many, some famous stars in the field of TV and film are actually Engineering degree holders! Let these ten celebrities with Engineering degrees (or course units in Engineering) inspire you to stay on the path of your chosen profession.

Rowan Atkinson

rowan atkinson
Claim to fame: Mr. Bean
Electrical Engineering, Newcastle University
MSc Electrical Engineering, Queen’s College Oxford

Dolph Lundgren

dolph lundgren
Claim to fame: Movie actor
Chemical Engineering, Royal Institute of Technology Stockholm
MSc Chemical Engineering, University of Sydney

Ashton Kutcher

ashton kutcher
Claim to fame: Actor in TV and movies
Biochemical Engineering (unfinished), University of Iowa

Cindy Crawford

cindy crawford
Claim to fame: Model
Chemical Engineering (one quarter only), Northwestern University

Donald Sutherland

donald sutherland
Claim to fame: Movie actor
Engineering (unspecified), University of Toronto

Bill Nye

bill nye
Claim to fame: The Science Guy
Mechanical Engineering, Cornell University

Herbie Hancock

Claim to fame: Jazz musician
Electrical Engineering, Grinnell College

Eve Torres

eve torres
Claim to fame: WWE Diva
Industrial and Systems Engineering, University of Southern California

Montel Williams

montel williams
Claim to fame: Host of The Montel Williams Show
General Engineering, United States Naval Academy in Annapolis

Frank Capra

frank capra
Claim to fame: Oscar-winning director
Chemical Engineering, California Institute of Technology

Image credits:

Rowan Atkinson: Eva Rinaldi

Ashton Kutcher: David Shankbone

Cindy Crawford: Ian Smith

Dolph Lundgren: Eva Rinaldi

Donald Sutherland: Manfred Werner

Bill Nye: BDEngler

Montel Williams: David Shankbone

Herbie Hancock: Pix Gremlin

Eve Torres & Frank Capra: Public domain

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