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Control systems engineering is a very important subject in engineering curriculum especially in the fields of mechatronics, electrical and electronics, computer and communications,  and etc. It enables us to understand the fundamental theories we have learned in physics, engineering mechanics, electric circuits, electronic devices, and etc. It allows to analyze many complex problems in a clever way and helps us to provide smart solutions that lead to optimal performance of a dynamic system.



Recently, we are suffering of energy crisis here in the Philippines. There were frequent grid-offs (power interruption) due to increasing demand of electricity and climate change (that’s for sure!). Our society depends primarily in electric energy as well as our daily activities in the modern world. That’s why our role as engineers is very important. As the population increases, every “thing” increases. So we must do something to end this crisis through smart solutions without negative effects to our natural environment.



As change is inevitable, we engineers should do something to deal with what we are about to face. Soon, many problems will arise and we have to be prepared. So I am advocating  control systems engineering  to every engineering fanatics in the society through this Blog to share my knowledge and ideas together with my EGB colleagues that could help to solve some problems and contribute new developments in theories and applications in the context of Control Systems Engineering as more and more scientific researches are about to commence.



Our aim in this Blog is to revolutionize the way of teaching the students primarily the undergraduates.  We hope that this simple way of sharing would help achieve the dreams of our students and become a treasure of  society. In behalf of Engineers Got Blued I am very thankful for your continuous support. We have plenty of posts to feature to make you see how beautiful and interesting to live as engineers. So please stay tuned for more posts and have fun! Peace…

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Edu Daryl Maceren, EE

EE Faculty at Ateneo de Davao University
He is an Electrical Engineer by profession and a full-time faculty in the School of Engineering and Architecture at the Ateneo de Davao University.

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