Yes, you heard it right.  You can ask for a customized souvenir or pearl accessory while you wait.  There’s a store in Aldevinco (just across Ateneo de Davao University Jacinto campus) that sells pearl accessories for souvenirs that can create your personalized accessory upon request.  I was amazed that such stores exists.  I thought the souvenir shops only sell malongs, pearls, key chains and other locally made items to tourists off the rack.

Waida Pearl and Accessories

Waida Pearl store is located in Aldevinco , just across AdDU

Last Saturday as I was giving my teachers a tour of the city, we stopped by Waida Pearl and Accessories.  They have varied choices of pearl and beaded accessories that suit your budget. One thing that captured our interest was when the attendant offered that she can prepare the earrings and bracelet that we want as we wait.  Hmmm…


While we chit chat, the saleslady was busy making the bracelet we requested

We picked a string of pearls from their stock, chose a design and after a few minutes, the brand new pearl bracelet was finished!  We were delighted and satisfied.  Thanks ate (sorry I forgot your name) for making us smile.

finished product

The finished product

So when in Davao, you may want to consider exploring stores in Aldevinco and have your personalized souvenirs made in a jiffy.

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April Salazar, ECE

She is an Electronics Engineer and works as a full-time faculty in Ateneo de Davao University. She is an alumna of the same university she is working with now. Few years back, she worked with a Japanese electronics manufacturing company in Cebu.

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