How to Find the Right One

How do you really find the right one? It all begins with an encounter. Time would sometimes stop for the both of you and meet at an unexpected time and place.

She is witty and mean at the same time. The more she acts so mean, the more you like how she projects it on her face. From that, you begin to long for her voice, her scent … her presence. You become friends. It eventually transforms into scenarios where you do unconditional things just for her. You walk into the hallway and pretend you didn’t see her but then all you want is to say “hello” and take a glance of her face. You give her your time and the whole of yourself unconsciously.

She doesn’t mean it when she acts so mean. She enjoys watching you on the hallway for the nth time just to witness how you pretend not to mind walking into the hallway just to say “hi” after her class. She appreciates how you greet her on mornings and nights before she would sleep. She waits for you at lunch time so both of you can share meals. She found something in you because she feels happy when she’s with you. Both of you share the same happiness.

Time passes by so fast.

You realize that you are already falling in love.

You tell her everything …

She tells you everything that …

She has found a best friend in you.

So everything has ended that day. All from knowing the truth.

The act would not assure you of getting there unharmed even though it feels soooo damn right. So, there’s NO guarantee, the right one does NOT exist. However, you have to endure the experience of searching for the ‘one’ , no matter how difficult it is, until it becomes truly worthwhile.


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